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…you are showing someone a picture on your ‘phone, and you accidentally flick the screen and there is ‘that’ picture!

…you put your phone down for a moment and someone picks it up and starts looking through your gallery or album. While you know there is nothing ‘sensitive’ stored among your favorite pix, do you really want them seeing everything?

…you need to email an image, but you don’t want it showing up in somebody else’s gallery or album for the world to see when it is downloaded.


Itizu-Pix FREE is a privacy enhanced Image manager that allows you to move images in and out of a private gallery. It allows you to ‘lock’ images too, so that they can be emailed and downloaded without being immediately viewed in the gallery of the recipient.

  • Create private and locked image galleries.
  • Prevents the viewing of your private images in the default device gallery.
  • Browse private images independently of the device image viewer/gallery.
  • Lock confidential images.
  • Share Public and Private images using EMail, Whatsapp etc.
  • Email locked images.
  • Easily move images between Public, Private, and Locked galleries.
  • Restore Private images to original Public location when moved.
  • Search for images in Public, Private, and Locked galleries.