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What is itizu-pix free?

Itizu-pix free allows you to move your images from the default public gallery of your device, to a private gallery that way preventing casual viewing of your personal images. In addition, images can be moved to a locked gallery using a password. The images are encrypted and can only be viewed after unlocking with the original passphrase.  Unlike most image locking apps, itizu-pix free is not an overlay on top of existing software, once the app is uninstalled both private and locked images are removed.

  • Camera function allows yo to take pictures directly into private / public / locked galleries
  • Create private and locked image galleries.
  • Prevents the viewing of your private images in the default device gallery.
  • Browse private images independently of the device image viewer/gallery.
  • Lock confidential images.
  • Share Public and Private images using EMail, Whatsapp etc.
  • Email locked images.
  • Easily move images between Public, Private, and Locked galleries.
  • Restore Private images to original Public location when moved.
  • Search for images in Public, Private, and Locked galleries.