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itizu-Notes uses similar technology to the other itizu Privacy based applications.

Itizu-Notes allows you to send and receive private encrypted messages using your favorite messengers or email applications, including Whatsapp, Line and many more.

itizu-Notes is very simple to use, and allows you to create private messages for each one of your contacts, allowing true one to one privacy. Unlike other ‘private’ messaging apps and add-ons, itizu-Notes doesn’t use single passwords for all messages, and therefore your privacy isn’t compromised if your passphrase becomes known.

The itizu-Notes messages are only visible within the messaging applications that you use as private messages. Messages stored on your phone are in an encrypted format and require itizu-Notes to view them.

  • Sends and receives private messages using your installed messenger or mail apps.
  • Prevents the viewing of your private messages on service provider servers.
  • Prevents spyware applications from reading intercepted messages.
  • Stores messages in your phone in a private form.
  • Provides individual contact privacy – one to one privacy.
  • Stops service providers trawling through your messages looking for marketing opportunities.
  • Requires a login to view your messages – ideal if you leave your phone unattended.
  • Makes messages unavailable to be viewed until you log back in
  • No need to replace your messenger – runs only when you wish to have a private conversation or send private messages.
  • Dictate your messages messages or text notes with automatic encryption and sharing


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Clean and easy to use interface. Context sensitive help.

Compatible with messages sent and received with itizu-Privacy apps.

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Please note that itizu is not affiliated with or endorsed by the developers of applications or organizations that can be used to send itizu private messages or attachments.