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itizu-Notes, Privacy, and SMS are dedicated private messaging applications that allow you to send and receive private text messages either by SMS, or your favorite messaging and mail applications. Using one to one privacy rather than a global password approach, itizu privacy applications keep your messages private and confidential.


For Private SMS/texting: use the dedicated itizu-SMS private text application which replaces the standard SMS application on your phone. itizu-Notes interfaces into your own SMS/MMS application allowing you to send and receive private messages with your contacts. The difference is that itizu-SMS does not leave a trace of incoming or outgoing private SMS/text messages on your phone.


For multiple messaging / text processing options: use itizu-Notes. This application allows you to share private messages using your installed or favorite messaging / text processing applications. Private messages or text will be viewable within itizu-Notes, your messaging / text processing applications will only store and send/receive private/encrypted messages.


For Whatsapp users who only use Whatsapp!: With the same functionality as Notes, but has a dedicated interface into the Whatsapp messenger. Also available is Privacy For Line.


For Gmail users: With the same functionality as Notes, but has a dedicated interface into the Gmail app. Automatically fills in address, subject, and the email body with your private/encrypted message.