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About itizu Privacy.

itizu Privacy applications use the concept of one to one privacy. Each contact that you have has a different combination of your privacy phrase and theirs. Using these two pieces of information and additional algorithms each conversation that you have is private to the two of you.

Most applications simply have a password or a password and encryption key that is very difficult to change quickly. itizu Privacy applications allow you to change the way your messages are encoded in mid conversation if you need to.

The messages or notes that you create with itizu applications are saved in their private form on your device, and on any service provider, messaging services servers, Cloud servers and storage media. This means that your messages are not available to be read by anyone that you don’t authorize. Not only does this protect your personal information, but also prevents attempts to market to you by scanning your message content.

itizu applications privacy:

Log In Required. Private Message Storage. One to One Privacy. Viewable by Device Applications. Viewable by Service Provider.
SMS 1 Yes Yes Yes No Private form
Notes 2 Yes Yes Yes Private form Private form
Privacy For….3 Yes Yes Yes Private form Private form

1 itizu SMS sends and receives text messages using your device. The messages are not stored in your device SMS application, and therefore are not visible to anyone should they take possession of your phone and look at the SMS/Text messaging application.

2 itizu Notes can create private messages or notes that can be shared with other applications on your device – email and instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp. The private message formats are compatible between the itizu applications, for example a private note created by itizu Notes can be shared with Whatsapp and then read by your contact using Privacy for Whatsapp.

3 itizu Privacy For.. applications are specifically designed to enable the sending of private messages using a specific messaging application. For example Privacy for Whatsapp and Privacy For Line. The messages created will also be readable by a contact using itizu Notes.

What does ‘private form’ mean?

In the majority of cases applications that send and receive your messages only encrypt your information while it is being transmitted across the internet. While this is somewhat secure, intercepted or stored messages are often in a clear text or in a plain readable form. Private form means that the messages created with itizu applications are not in clear text or readable form without decryption.

Since itizu encrypts messages before they are sent, any spy-ware that is resident on your device and intercepting messages will only capture the private form of the message rather than the clear text.

Please note that itizu is not affiliated with or endorsed by the developers of applications or organizations that can be used to send itizu private messages or attachments.