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How itizu Privacy Works   arrow

itizu applications use the concept of one to one privacy. Rather than using a blanket password that can easily compromise all your communications if it is lost or forgotten, itizu allows you to create personal private communications with each one of your contacts.

The messages or notes that you wish to share privately are only readable (and in the case of itizu SMS, viewable and readable) if you or your contact is using an itizu application.

Each itizu application allows you to import contacts from your device contact list. For each contact you can share a passphrase – one for you, and one from your contact. These can be changed at any time. Once you have set them, you don’t have to remember them or change them unless you feel your privacy is being compromised.

Simply create a message in the itizu application – for example itizu privacy for Whatsapp, press the share button, Whatsapp will ask you who you want to share the private message with, choose the contact and the message will be sent. Receiving a private message is just as easy – highlight the new Whatsapp message, copy, and switch back to itizu Privacy for Whatsapp, the private message will be decrypted and viewable. Whatsapp will only store the private form (encrypted) version of your message, and therefore that is all that will be publicly seen.

The illustration below shows how your messages are clearly viewable on your device, your contacts device and in the Cloud.

Without itizu on your device.

Using itizu Privacy For… or itizu Notes, your message is only readable within the itizu application. The message is viewable, but only in it’s private form. (itizu SMS uses technology that does not allow SMS/Text message to be viewed or readable on your device).

The illustration below shows how itizu Notes and itizu Privacy For..applications keep your messages private while using a messaging application.


Please note that itizu is not affiliated with or endorsed by the developers of applications or organizations that can be used to send itizu private messages or attachments.